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Please note outcome of the Congress
by using the link on (IVC-20)
BEXCO, Busan Korea August 21-26, 2016

8th Vacuum, Surface Sciences Conference, Asia-Australia (VASSCAA)
20th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-20)

16th International Conference on Solid Surfaces (ICSS-16)
International Conference Nanoscience & Technology 2016 (ICN+T)

25th Anniversary KVS Symposium (25th KVS)
Industrial Topical Conference 2016 (ITC 2016)
International Symposium of Plasma Biosciences 2016 (ISPB 2016)

    Further    VSA Short Courses 2016 - 2017 
                         To be advised    

RESEARCHERS  seeking a concise overview of the basics of vacuum technology
TECHNICIANS  maintaining vacuum systems  eg. electron microscopes, surface science, coaters, spectrometers
INDUSTRIAL STAFF freeze drying, vacuum moulding, packaging, suction processes
ACADEMICS  introducing fundamental experiments using vacuum equipment 
WORKSHOP STAFF constructing chambers, flanges, valves, gaskets, feed throughs, viewing ports, etc,
ENGINEERS, CHEMISTS working in projects involving vacuum systems
SALES STAFF supplying variety of latest equipment with detailed specifications
 For course enrolment go to  COURSES  and fill in the details required

The courses include the fundamental theory, practical knowledge and computer simulations of pumping systems and leak detection. Comprehensive notes are provided.

The Vacuum Society of Australia (VSA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of vacuum science relating to vacuum technology, materials, surfaces, interfaces, thin films and plasmas and to providing a variety of educational opportunities. Please check News for latest information.

The Society welcomes participation from all its members, and encourages student involvement. It is the Australian body representing IUVSTA (International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications).

The VSA publishes the Newsletter “OZVAC” which includes scientific and technical articles, product information from manufacturers as well as a ‘For Sale/Wanted section’ and other possibilities for those in the field of Vacuum Science to Network and communicate.

Membership is open to all interested parties and discounts for Student membership available.

Click on the image to test your practical knowledge of a diffusion pump system.

VSA areas of interest

  • Applied Surface Science
  • Electronic Materials and Processing
  • Nanometer Structures
  • Plasma Science and Technique
  • Surface Engineering
  • Surface Science
  • Thin Film
  • Vacuum Science and Technology

Single Cycle Diffusion Pump